Global Marketing Associates, Inc. is a full-service developer, importer and distributor of quality ingredients and formulations to the nutritional supplements industry. Our long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and scientific developers have enabled us to gain a successful track record and develop our expertise for more than 30 years in the following areas:

Product Development – Global Marketing brings great new ingredient products to market by pulling all the pieces together for a successful product launch and life cycles that last many years. We work with some of the best Ph.D.’s, M.D.’s and multiple marketing specialists to optimize positioning of new products for the supplements industry. We understand the scientific, marketing and regulatory issues that will result in successful products… and we possess the sourcing, operations and financial resources to transform a product concept into a successful supplement on the market. In addition to new ingredients, we also make sure that our direct and end customers are delighted with the delivery system, whether that’s formulations for tablets, capsules, sachets, gums, functional foods or beverages.

Sales and Marketing – Global Marketing supplies unique and commodity ingredient products to top supplements brands in North America. But we don’t simply provide products, we provide solutions. Both our suppliers and our customers come to us for help in understanding the market for our ingredients and how to differentiate or provide unique products that target their market segments. We anticipate industry or company trends and changes and enjoy developing solutions together with our suppliers and customers. They both appreciate our value-add and we delight in seeing end users appreciate our customers’ products.

Sourcing – Global Marketing sources from around the world. We are familiar with farming and production environments and potential cultural challenges, and we are able to obtain high-quality product efficiently and reliably. Our many years of import and export experience allow us to anticipate and work through all the issues associated with the introduction of new products. Our long-standing experience and relationships also translates to our ability to offer high-quality commodity ingredients at very reasonable prices.

Logistics – Global Marketing services its customers with state-of-the-art warehouses in Hayward, Los Angeles, and New Jersey totaling more than 240,000 sq. ft. Its storage facilities are temperature-controlled and include refrigeration capabilities. Global Marketing maintains strong relationships with air, trucking and sea transport providers.

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