Over its 30 year history, Global Marketing Associates, Inc. has introduced many of the ingredients that are now mainstays in any brand nutritional supplement product line. Global Marketing sells the following unique ingredients that offer special functions, all of which have been researched, developed and sourced by teams of scientists. Come back to this page often to see new developments.

  • GarlitechTM – natural garlic powder, carefully preserves the highest Total Allicin Potential (TAPTM) through our proprietary production processes. For heart and cholesterol support.
  • Glycostat® – wild bitter melon, specially processed to maintain freshness and effectiveness. For blood pressure and weight control support. (download our pdf)
  • MenoRightTM – Traditional Chinese herbal blend, clinically proven over many years. For menopausal support.
  • MetostatTM – rock lotus, patented and clinically proven. For metabolic and weight control support; also has strong anti-aging indications.
  • Renu RXTM – Traditional Chinese herbal blend, patented and clinically proven. For hair regrowth and restoration.
  • SesaplexTM – sesame lignans with sesamolin, specially processed to maintain sesamolin. For high blood pressure and liver support.